You have the choice to buy sofas either on a weekly or monthly payment plan, in various sizes, colours and styles to suit your family with a pay weekly sofa no credit check catalogue. Sofas offer a comfortable place to relax and snuggle with someone. 

Online furniture shopping on finance
Online furniture shopping on finance

You can pick from a range of quality sofas available to purchase at flexible weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. You can view the catalog credits on any of the catalogs recommended by the website. By purchasing a pay-weekly or monthly sofa with no credit checks, you can enhance the look of your home.

Furniture Stores Offering Furniture Financing & No Credit Checks

Furniture is a significant investment and can be hard to find for people with poor financial history. You need to be careful when buying it because you can’t repair it once it’s in your home. When buying a sofa with bad credit, there are many things to consider. When buying indoor or outdoor furniture with finance, you must think about your taste and budget. Many people with poor credit have trouble getting furniture. However, some furniture stores offer finance with no credit checks, making it easier if you have bad credit history.

In-Store Sofa Payment Options

For in-store purchases, you’ll need to make a minimum credit card payment of 1% or £1000, whichever is higher, based on the order value. You won’t need to pay the full balance until your booking is confirmed.

Living Room Furniture from Shop Furniture in Fashion UK

Shop Furniture in Fashion UK offers stylish and affordable home furniture. We help clients who have no credit issues but still want to buy furniture. We offer a wide range of furnishings to improve your living room. You can choose from a variety of contemporary living room furniture to match your personal style.

Can You Get a Sofa on Finance with Bad Credit?

Our website provides access to online furniture stores that offer free credit checks and flexible financing for sofa payments, even for people with bad credit.

No Credit Checks

Our aim is to help you make a new purchase.

0% Interest Offer

We offer a 0% interest instalment plan, with monthly repayments starting at £1.50 per month. You can repay over 6, 12, 24, 36, or 44 months, with no interest or deposit required.

Guide to Interest-Free Credit – 0% APR and No Deposit

Our plans are flexible and affordable, depending on where you purchase. We don’t charge setup fees, deposits, or interest, and all your repayments remain interest-free.

Bedroom Furniture from Shop Furniture in Fashion UK

We are one of the few furniture stores in England that offer online shopping even for those with poor credit, making it easier for you to buy furniture. You can buy bedroom furniture online from Shop Furniture in Fashion UK. Choose from a variety of furniture for your bedrooms to enhance the appearance of your home.

How You Can Pay

You have the flexibility to receive 100% interest-free loans for up to 96 months. You can pay with cash, debit or credit cards. You just need to pay 10% of the amount upfront and the balance must be paid before shipment.

Can You Get a Sofa with Bad Credit?

There are online furniture stores that offer free credit checks and affordable financing options for people with bad credit who can’t buy furniture elsewhere. The advantage of buying online is that there won’t be a long application process like you might experience elsewhere.

How to buy a sofa using Klarna

Abakus Direct offers you a convenient way to purchase new furniture using Klarna. You can choose from a variety of comfortable sofas that are available on Klarna. You can either pay later or split the payments into smaller instalments. Enjoy your new couch!

What finance options does SCS offer?

SCS has partnered with Creation Finance and Ikano Bank to offer finance options to our customers. We’ll assist you in the application process, which includes checking your credit score and determining your eligibility in just 15 seconds.

Is it possible to finance a couch?

Yes, it’s possible to finance a couch. These types of loans are commonly referred to as appliance and furnishings loans and most lenders offer loans over $5,000. Home improvement loans often have lower interest rates compared to credit card loans, making them a more cost-effective option. You can also consider rent-to-own options, where you can bring home the furniture and pay for it in instalments.

Who does SCS work with for finance options?

SCS works with Creation Finance and Ikano Bank to offer finance options to our customers. If you have any questions, our sales team is available to guide you through the process.

Can I get finance without a credit check?

No, responsible lenders always check your credit history before offering finance. This helps determine your eligibility for finance and ensures you’re offered affordable options.